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Day Trippin’ La Pine Chamber of Commerce volunteers Karen and Joel Rippberger and Thomas Wrisley love Newberry Country and bring their enthusiasm to Day Trippin’. Karen designs the brochures.


Situated among beautiful pine trees, soaring mountains, and numerous streams, lakes and rivers, there is no shortage of activities all year long. Learn more about everything that La Pine has to offer, including the Newberry Country Trail, as well as our curated guide of where to camp, stay, dine, and explore!

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The Newberry National Monument is located in the town of La Pine. It is just 5 miles north of the Chamber office on Hwy 97. Turn Left (east) and travel up into the crater to enjoy the world’s largest obsidian flow, Paulina Lake and resort and the wonderful little East Lake resort. Both Lakes feature camping, a store, restaurant, boats, fishing, and camping or cabins to rent. Paulina is open for the winter, too and you can go into the resort on a snowmobile! This is the one thing in La Pine you do not want to miss! For information about any of the Lava Lands destinations call the Newberry National Monument Hotline number at 541-383-5700.

Inside the Caldera: Paulina Creek Water slides. Go on Paulina Lake road to McKay Campground (McKay Crossing Campground) then take the 1 1/2 mile trail to the waterslides.

To get to the Hot Springs go to the far end of Little Crater Campground on Paulina Lake and hike on the lakeshore trail approximately 1 mile. You will see the little hot spring pools that people have made through the years.