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All About La Pine, Oregon

La Pine is a city located in Deschutes County, Oregon, incorporated on December 7, 2006.

Ask any Lapinite what they think about Oregon’s newest city and you will probably hear that they like it here! La Pine is the home base to the Newberry Country Trail, and even more importantly, is the traditional home to adventure for folks of all ages — and it has held this title for a century plus. Most of the residents were originally tourists to the area. They came to play (fish, camp, hunt, recreate on ATVs, snowmobiles, skis, or horses) and then they moved here to stay.

In 1900 the little town of La Pine, known for its timber products and cattle, was one of the first destinations for the “valley” folks as the 20th century turned. Promotions were launched to entice and interest the rain-soaked residents in Portland, Eugene, and Salem, and encouraged them to spend time on the “sunny side of the Cascades.” It was not long before the Newberry Caldera had established special resorts at East Lake and Paulina Lake for the very wealthy. A road was built to bring horseless carriages into the crater, and visiting the La Pine area became the rage across the Willamette Valley.

.In 1991, after several generations of loyal visitors, La Pine’s favorite caldera became one of Oregon’s three national monuments. The site was recognized by the federal government as the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. That’s why we call it the Newberry Country Trail…our very own backyard volcano! We are pleased to add Crater Lake to our NCT guide, creating the only “crater to crater” experience we have seen!


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