Newberry Country has excellent boating opportunities that are well worth the trip. Many of the best lakes here are at altitudes of 4,000 feet and higher, and a few of them are even formed as extinct volcanoes. You will enjoy an isolated and pristine boating experience. Here is a look at some of the best boating lakes in Newberry Country.



Boating – Motorized Areas for Boating – at Newberry National Volcanic Monument

Boating – Non-Motorized Areas – at Newberry National Volcanic Monument

 Twin Lakes Area

North and South Twin Lakes – two almost identical alpine lakes – are located in the Deschutes National Forest. They are a popular place for swimming, fishing and boating.

Cultus Lake Area

Cultus Lake is one of  The High Lakes that permits high speed motor boats. Therefore, it is popular for water and jet skiing.

Wickiup Reservoir

Wickiup is Oregon’s second largest reservoir and the highest of the Cascade High Lakes. It provides salmon and trout fishing via boats.

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