On October 8, 2015 the Business Vitality Action team met to debrief after the completion of the three roundtable discussions on workforce, marketing, and customer service. Special thanks go to Varcoe Marketing Group for taking care of the food for the meeting! Several excellent ideas were discussed and subsequently put to paper, many of which will likely be pursued as we continue to move forward. Our goals were to come away from the meeting with a project statement and to identify three action items, which we could quickly implement before Thanksgiving. The following is what came together:

Project Statement

The purpose of the Business Vitality Team is to infuse vitality into the business community through education, communication, and connecting of resources.

An important priority that the community has identified is to strengthen and develop the small business base.

Business Retention and Expansion

Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) is all about helping existing, local business success. With nearly 80% of net new job growth stemming from existing businesses, RDI is ready to support your efforts in taking advantage of the most tried and true economic vitality strategies. RDI’s professionally trained staff provide technical assistance to communities and organizations interested in supporting their local businesses.

Contact Chad Carpenter at La Pine Park and Recreation District. Phone: 541-536-2223 or email: chad.carpenter@lapineparks.org

Opportunity Knocks in La Pine!

Opportunity Knocks members are entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, startup founders and key employees in their organizations. Members are matched with a trusted, local, facilitated team of peers who act as an informal Board of Advisors, sounding board and peer mentoring group. OK is not a networking group – conversations do not stay on the surface. Meetings are a confidential and safe place to share your challenges, goals and successes.

Your OK team can provide you with expertise and insight to help drive your success and enhance Central Oregon’s economic and community development!

Online membership application: https://opp-knocks.org/membership-interview/

Contact:  Aly Waibel – Executive Director 541-588-2719 | Web:  Opportunity Knocks 

Updated 10/27/17

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