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Shine on La Pine

The Economic Vitality Roadmap Beautification Team movement is called “Put the Shine on La Pine”, and it’s catching on!


A beautiful thriving La Pine made possible by community pride.


Shine on La Pine encourages the community to participate in economic vitality through beautification by educating, encouraging, and recognizing community efforts to improve and beautify La Pine.

This team has been very active, initiating teams to pull invasive knapweed, creating a contest to encourage property owners to spruce up their lands and buildings and coming up with a great slogan, “Put the Shine on La Pine!”

Part 1

The first part of this project focuses our community on the eradication of Spotted Knapweed – an invasive and destructive weed. We conduct weed pulls during the spring and summer months while educating the public about its dangers and encouraging residents to take action on their own properties.

Financial Assistance for Noxious Weeds Control

Deschutes County offers financial assistance to private land owners who wish to control noxious weeds on their property. For more information contact Ed Keith, at (541) 322-7117 or Ed.Keith@deschutes.org.

What is Spotted Knapweed?

Spotted knapweed (Centaurea stoebe synonyms C. biebersteinii and C. maculosa) is native to Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Before it was considered to be a serious weed, it was spread in domestic hay and by human activities. Spotted knapweed has invaded rangeland throughout the western United States and Canada. This weed rapidly colonizes disturbed areas, but is also capable of invading well‐managed lands. Knapweed tends to dominate sites at the expense of community diversity or forage production. It can occupy over 95 percent of the available plant community. Knapweed infestations can increase soil surface runoff and sedimentation of streams.


Knapweed is most common in disturbed habitats and overgrazed or poorly managed pastures. Spotted knapweed is commonly found along heavily disturbed areas such as road ditches, field margins, irrigation canals, and recently installed utility lines and also occupies vacant, unmaintained land and parking areas. The plant will spread from these sites into rangelands, meadows and other open habitats. Click here for more information about noxious weeds in Deschutes County.

Part 2

Take the Pledge! This focus will be positive reinforcement of our community businesses and agencies who present themselves in a way that shows La Pine at its best. November of 2016 will be a “Month of Recognition”. The recognition categories are Best in Façade, Most Attractive Curb Appeal, Best Environmental Practices and Best in Improvements and more! Businesses who want to contribute to a positive and attractive image will be asked to sign a pledge based on:

• Maintaining & Expanding Current Efforts
• Encouraging Neighbors
• Utilizing Existing Resources

Take a look at your business – what do your customers see? Ask yourself “What small steps can I take to improve the appearance of my business?” For more information call Dennis at 541-213-1143 or Linda at 541-536-2049.

Thank you to these supporters have helped us continue our mission by their contribution of time, product or discounts:
The City of La Pine
La Pine Chamber of Commerce
Gary Gordon – La Pine Park and Recreation District
Tiffany Zeiler – Mid Oregon Credit Union
Little d Technology/Verizon
Larry Thorson
La Pine Signs
Bea Hatler – Windermere
La Pine Lions Club
Jane Gillette – High Lakes Realty

Beautification Action Team Resource Links:
“Put the Shine on La Pine” Facebook Page
“Put the Shine on La Pine” logo
Take the Pledge in 2017!
Noxious Weed Brochure (pdf)

In the News!
May 30, 2017 – KTVZ
August 30, 2016 – Newberry Eagle
May 10, 2016 – Cascade Business News

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