The Wall That Heals

Ralph Gene Williams

August 10th, 2020|0 Comments

Ralph Gene Williams died at the age of 19 on June 9, 1966 in Quang Nam provence.  He was born February 14, 1947.  From Hines in Harney County, he can be found on panel 8E, [...]

Thanks to The Wall That Heals, our volunteers, and everyone who came out and made this event a wonderful success.  



September 30-October 3, 2021

The dates The Wall That Heals will be in La Pine.

1~Woman Escort Ride Captain-Kat Kiker.

197~ Number of Motorcycles in The Wall That Heals escort.

1~USAF Flyover #AFFlyover

2~ Women playing taps at 6 p.m. every evening.

1~Mobile Education Center

2~ Vietnam-era vehicles.

18~ Number of Deschutes County service members on The Wall.

John Patrick Brown

Marvin H. Brown

Douglas Davis Coffman

Don Edward Darnall

Bennie Lee Dexter

Edward Maynard Hanson

Richard Jerry Hornback

David Leroy Judy

William Richard Klawitter

William Harmon Koho

Robert Edward Leamen

Johnie Boyd Machau

Timothy James Meeker

Gary Gale Prentice

Rex Earl Rader

Daniel Eugene Spencer, Jr.

Daniel Scott Steele

Frederic Peers Webb

3~ Number of Crook County service members on The Wall.

James William Cox

Henry Lee Cramer

Joe Irvin Wood

2~Number of Jefferson County service members on The Wall.

Lloyd Hans Rohde

Daniel John Tababoo, Jr.

16~ Number of Klamath County service members on The Wall.

Thomas W. Chatburn III

Charles Thomas Coats

Francis Leo Collins

Charles Thomas Deaton

David Lynn Evans

Norman Francis Evans

Jimmy Erik Floren

Rodney Cecil Harsch

Michael James McKibban

James Dalton Parker

Steven Lloyd Peters

Jerry Oscar Stenberg

Robert Wayne Taylor

Jimmie Malcolm Thompson

John Renfield Tworek

Thomas Henry Williams

4~ Number of Oregonians receiving the Medal of Honor on The Wall

Larry Gilbert Dahl

John Noble Holcomb

Gary Wayne Martini

Maximo Yabes

3~ Number of Lake County service members on The Wall.

James Blain Carlson

Layne Farell Clifton

Paul Arthur Sheer

2~ Number of Harney County service members on The Wall.

Edward Charles Johnston

Ralph Gene Williams

1~ Set of brothers from Klamath County on The Wall.

David Lynn Evans

Norman Francis Evans

12~ Number of Oregonian service members still missing in action.

710~ Number of Oregon service members on The Wall.

58,281~Number of service members on The Wall.

1,500+~ Service members still missing in action.

160~ Number of Medal of Honor recipients on The Wall.

246~ Most casualties in one day–January 31, 1968.

8~ Number of women on The Wall–all nurses.

3~ Sets of fathers and sons on The Wall.

40~ Sets of brothers on The Wall.

700~ Communities The Wall That Heals has visited.

22 years, 9 months~ The average age of service members on The Wall.

375 feet~ Length of The Wall That Heals.

15~ Age of PFC Dan Bullock,

the youngest service member on The Wall.

Panel 23W, Line 96.

200+~ Volunteers needed for September 30-October 3, 2021

1~ Woman killed in action. Sharon Ann Lane was a non-combatant.

June 8, 1969, Panel 23W, Line 112.

16,592~ Casualty count for 1968–deadliest year of the war.

62~ Age of the oldest service member on The Wall.

16~ Number of Chaplains on The Wall.  Chaplains are non-combatants. 

64~ Highest number of graduates from one high school on The Wall.  

Thomas Edison High School, Philadelphia, PA. 

400,000+~ Items left at The Wall.