Frontier Days Annular Solar Eclipse Activities!

Frontier Days is planning some great fun and entertainment along with RV dry camping.  Watch for what we’ve got planned for Frontier Days land!  We’ll keep you up to date!  Contact us at director@lapine.org to get on our Annual Eclipse email list.  Please put “Annual Eclipse” in the “subject” line.

Some images

An Annular eclipse leaves a ring of solar fire around the moon at total eclipse phase, and you can look like an angel if you get the picture angle just right. 

Annular means ring-shaped.

And, no, there is no Annular Solar Eclipse Scheduling Association!  

For more information on both annular and total eclipses, check out https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/annular-solar-eclipse.html

We’re just getting started with this page, so check back for visitor information!  Want to make reservations now?  Check out our menu above!

Unfortunately, we cannot show you shots of the October 14, 2023 annular eclipse, due to the fact that it hasn’t happened yet, but we CAN show you pictures of other annular eclipses.  This one with me, is actually better without me.  It’s taken by NASA and can be found here