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On October 8, 2015 the Business Vitality Action team met to debrief after the completion of the three roundtable discussions on workforce, marketing, and customer service. Special thanks go to Varcoe Marketing Group for taking care of the food for the meeting! Several excellent ideas were discussed and subsequently put to paper, many of which will likely be pursued as we continue to move forward. Our goals were to come away from the meeting with a project statement and to identify three action items, which we could quickly implement before Thanksgiving. The following is what came together:

1. Project statement:

“The purpose of the Business Vitality Team is to infuse vitality into the business community through education, communication, and connecting of resources.”

2. Action items we felt we could accomplish by Thanksgiving:

A. Promote the upcoming Customer Service Class taking place on October 27th at LPRD from 6pm-9pm. This training is brought to us by generous support from Sunriver Resort and will be conducted by Megan Roe.

B. Job Networking

– Create Job Board – Online and physical location(s)
– Organize a Job Fair. The event itself won’t happen before Thanksgiving but plans will be made, a date and location will be secured, and partner organizations will be contacted.

C. Develop Programming

Work with existing SBDC (COCC’s Small Business Development Center) programing/resources in addition to developing customized programing specific to the La Pine business community.
These are the items with which we are moving forward right away. Additionally, the team will likely meet in November in order to update progress on the three action items. After the first of the year we will begin to explore other ideas and possibilities. If anyone would like to help in any way, or if you would like to join the conversation, please contact Chad Carpenter at La Pine Park & Recreation District at 541-536-2223 or

Small Business Vitality Action Team Resource Notes & Links:

Business Roundtable Session 1: Workforce (8/20/15)
Business Roundtable Session 2: Marketing Your Small Business (9/3/15)
Business Roundtable Session 3: Customer Service (9/24/15)

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An important priority that the community has identified is to strengthen and develop the small business base.

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